How Quickly Can A Personal Loan Be Approved In Singapore?

Consider getting a personal loan from a bank or a licensed moneylender if you need rapid cash right away for an emergency or holiday expenditures.

You might be interested in learning how long it takes to obtain a personal loan from these credit institutions.

How quickly can a bank or licensed moneylender approve your loan application? After approval, how long does it take to get money? Let us investigate!

How much maximum personal loan can i get? A licensed moneylender’s approval policy and a bank’s approval policy for personal loans and wedding loans Singapore may differ. It can take a few seconds or perhaps several weeks.

Find out below how quickly a bank in Singapore and a moneylender may approve your loan application.

Licensed Moneylenders

A licensed moneylender in Singapore will normally approve a personal loan in a matter of minutes or a day. Due to the usage of the tech-enabled algorithm, several of these lenders have quicker approval times.

Additionally, applying for a personal loan with authorised moneylenders is simple. You can often apply to their web forms. The application process can be completed in a few minutes.

This means that licensed moneylenders can be a great option if you just have a short amount of time to look around for a personal loan. Crawfort will approve your loan in just 8 minutes. You do not have to wait days or even weeks for your loan to be approved.


In banks, approval often takes a few business days (some up to weeks). Due to their comparatively more rigorous credit evaluation process, the approval duration is lengthier.

Banks also have a lengthy loan assessment process because they must carefully and thoroughly analyse your application to make sure you match their requirements and criteria.

How Soon After Your Personal Loan Application Is Approved Can You Receive The Money?

The time it takes to get your funds differs between banks and legal moneylenders, just like it does for loan approval times.

Licensed Moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders, who are renowned for offering rapid cash loans, can frequently disburse the funds on the same day as your application.

Once your loan has been accepted, all you need to do to get your money is going to their office for a face-to-face verification. 

You can read here to find out more about the distinctions between licensed and unlicensed lenders.

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In contrast to licensed moneylenders, you might get your money a day or two after your loan application is approved.

The length of the approval process affects how quickly funds are typically released. Processes for reviewing credit vary among banks. You might have to wait longer to get your money at some institutions.

Banks Vs. Licensed Moneylenders: Average Turnaround Time

You will notice that when compared to banks, licensed moneylenders’ overall turnaround times are substantially shorter.

For top licensed moneylender in Singapore, the normal turnaround time may be one or more business days. 

To Sum It Up 

Have you been thinking of acquiring a personal loan to meet your emergencies? It would be in your best interest to look for the best available options to meet your specific needs. However, with numerous moneylending services at your behest, you might have trouble looking for the one suitable to meet your specific needs. 

In such a scenario, look for a licensed moneylending option to ensure that you gain the best money-borrowing experience. A licensed moneylender would help you meet your needs without any hassle.